Tuesday, April 8, 2014

For months, Claire has been telling anyone who would listen (grocery store clerks, her doctor, grandpa's poker buddies) that when she turned three, she was going to start ballet. Well the anticipation finally came to an end since Claire had her first official ballet class this morning. We've always taken her to a variety of activities but now that she's three, activities suddenly go from parent/child participation to Claire riding solo. It's a totally bizarre concept for me but she took it in stride. As soon as her ballet teacher introduced herself, Claire follow suite and lined up with the other little ballerinas and flashed me a confident thumbs up before walking into the studio. Parents wait in the hallway while class is being held but before the doors were closed, I watched her raise her hand when the teacher called her name and got one more cool-as-a-cucumber-thumbs-up shot my way. She told me that her favorite part was "dancing" and doing "tip-toes". To top it all off, she gets to be in the Spring recital. Get ready for that cuteness.

I didn't get any shots of class since the doors were closed but luckily I took some "first day of class" pics before we went in.

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