Wednesday, March 12, 2014

For Valentines Day, Kyle printed out my blog posts from the beginning of my blog until Holden's birth, dubbing it "Sparkles to Spare, The First Years". Not only was it an amazing gift (I didn't even realize this could be done!) but it was also an excellent reminder of why I blog and why I need to start doing more of it again.

With this in mind, I remembered that I had taken quite a few pictures on the snow day that we had several weeks ago and realized that if I didn't put them here, I likely wouldn't do anything with them...and that would obviously be a shame. So here it goes.

This year, we had one day of significant snow. Luckily, our snow day happened on a Saturday evening when we were already holed up at Grandma and Grandpa's house for the weekend. Not only do they have way more room to roam but they also tend to get a lot more snow than we do so it turned out to be perfect timing. Aunt Jin was visiting when it began to fall and by the time we realized that this was some legit snow, it was too late for her to get her little car up the hill to her parent's house. This was fine by us though since it turned into a old school slumber party at my parents house.

We started out just enjoying the snow as it fell (and eating it of course) and when it had accumulated a bit, we went back outside for some nighttime frolicking (the only time I frolic is when it snows). We had a great time that included snowball fights, a snow ramp, an igloo and lots of hot chocolate. The snow day has solidified a theory that I've been developing over months of observing that my daughter prefers to be naked (even in the winter months) and refuses to sleep with any blankets. I think I've discovered a redhead genetic mutation that makes her run hot all the time...or not feel cold. Another reason why readheads will eventually take over (she recently told me "I want to take over everyday."...believe her.

I have no idea what this face is but I like it. 

The little guy was obviously too little of a guy to participate but he sure looked cute in his snow suit. Unfortunately it was too bright for him to open his eyes so I don't think the actually saw any snow.

Holden wasn't big on the snowball fight this year but he was all about a sink bath that day.

Since we weren't home during the snow day and missed the neighborhood fun, our neighbors left us a little (big) surprise.

Claire wasn't so sure about it. First she gave it a good kick.

Then she stared it down.

And when that didn't have the effect she was hoping for, she went for her standby...the curtsey.

Here's hoping we get another great snow day next year.

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