Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Claire is now 3. This is big news. This means that my 365 Project is complete. A photo a day from her 2nd birthday to her 3rd birthday. I've had a week to reflect on my project and here are my thoughts.

-It was a labor of love. It was definitely a difficult task but for the vast majority of days, I was excited to take, edit, and post my picture and for the most part, I was proud of each days' end product. And on a similar note, I am truly surprised at how not-annoying it was to do this. I went into this assuming that there would be days that I would want to drop-kick my camera and curse the day I ever took on this project but that really never was the case.

-My photography has changed a lot over the last year. Since wrapping this up, I've gone through the whole album a few times and I'm struck by how clearly I was going through different editing style phases. I'm thinking that I found my style by the end but I suppose I thought I had found my style midway through...so time will tell.

-My child has changed over the last year. She started this in diapers. Seriously, diapers. I can't even remember her being in diapers now. Physically, it's fun to watch her hair get longer, her curls get springier and watch her start out so petite (I still can't get myself to say skinny) and end up with some meat on her bones.

-Most importantly our lives are happy, fun, and full of love. There is something worth remembering from every single one of our days.

In honor the end of my 365 Project, I thought would be fun to pick some favorites.

First, here are my top 10 favorite photos in chronological order (don't count too closely, choosing 10 out of 365 was basically impossible).

Since Grandma Pam was just as obsessed with this project as I was, I thought it would be fun to have her pick out her favorite 10 photos (again, don't count).

Grandma Pam's Favorites:

And just for fun, here is a list of the 10 photos that had the most "likes" on Facebook.

Facebook's Favorites (in order of fewest to most likes):

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