Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Like most summer weekends, last weekend was an eventful one. We started off by making our annual (by annual, I mean that we've now done it two years in a row) to the blueberry farm by my Grandma and Grandpa's house. Claire thought it was both fun and delicious. She decided it was a job best done barefoot (the kid is basically feral), which wasn't a great idea since there were bees everywhere. We attempted to reason with about the safety of wearing shoes but after about 5 minutes I peeked over and saw that she had ditched them again. I asked her if she took her shoes off and she said "Yes, but it's okay. There are no more bees." She's sneaky. So we did what all good parents would do and gave up and enjoyed the rest of our blueberry picking.

Later that evening, the menfolk were having their monthly poker night and since we try to get out of the house while this is going on, we decided to take Claire to her first movie. I was pretty nervous that she was going to strip her clothes off, jump from seat to seat, while screaming "everybody look at me"...but Grandma was confident that she was ready for it so we went for it. When we got there, she was immediately excited. She ran up to the snack counter and glued herself to the candy display window and pointed out each candy that she wanted...which was all of them. Once we got into the movie, she settled into her own seat and munched down a ridiculous amount of popcorn (popcorn-love is genetically passed down to her by both of her grandmas) and watched the trailers. After a few minutes, I knew that we were good to go. My mom and I were talking to each other and out of nowhere, she reached out with both her hands and touched my arm and my mom's arm and said "I'm so happy we're here." Ugh. Seriously sweet. "I'm happy" are my favorite words to hear coming from her sweet little mouth...it even beats out "I love you" in my book but that's because "I'm happy" covers that too.

So basically, the movies were a screaming success...without the screaming. She made it through the whole movie and only got out of her chair to crazy dance during the last scene, which was fine by me. She even asked for a bathroom break in the middle of it, which was pretty impressive since it was her first public bathroom experience. She still talks about going to the movies and seeing "Spicable Me". Such a big girl.

Although I didn't take my camera to the movies (I think that's illegal or something) I did take it to the blueberry farm. Since I'm close to 20 weeks, I decided it was about time to snap a bump picture so once we did some picking, Kyle did a mini-shoot with me and my babies (it's plural).

She was prepping my hair for the photo.

She is a mouth kisser. It's seriously the sweetest thing.

She loves her baby already.

And pirate-face with Grandma. Obligatory.

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