Thursday, August 15, 2013

Last week, we got to enjoy one of the many perks of living in our sweet little town and spent the evening at our police department's National Night Out. The whole event is completely free. Food, games, parachuters, helicopter landing, face-paint, huge firework show, and lots of shwag...all free! Did I mention it was within walking distance from our house? Awesome. It was a beautiful evening and we ended up staying at the event from start to finish. Claire, like always, had an amazing time. The kid loves free stuff, although in her world, everything is free.

Of course, the giant slide was everyone's favorite attraction. 

The least favorite attraction (for Claire and Leeland at least) were the people in costumes. The Rainier's moose, Rhubarb was there and Claire and Leeland both headed for the hills whenever they got close. I caught her running from one of them...notice she isn't taking her eyes off it for a second! 

Face paint was a hit. I sold it to Claire is "makeup" so she was totally into it...although her expression says otherwise. Later, she was eating a hotdog and got ketchup on her butterfly and refused to let me wipe it off for fear of her "makeup" smearing. Gross but funny.

Emmett loved it too. His car and Claire's butterfly were strangely similar...

The parachuters were really cool but made me nervous! I'm a closet paranoid mother.

One of the more unique events was that people were able to take swings at an old car with sledgehammers. Seriously. The kids thought this was pretty funny. Claire decided that this was not in keeping with her girly sensibilities and chose not to participate. She cheered her friends on though...and their dads.

Such a fun night!

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