Monday, August 5, 2013

I've gushed  before about how lucky we are to have such wonderful neighbors. It's kind of a fluke but we have wonderful relationships with every one of our next door neighbors (and a particular "one-house-down" neighbor). Claire loves all of our neighbors and it makes me so happy to know that community is already such a positive part of her life. If you're thinking you want to move in, you're right, you do. We're lucky.
We recently went on a weekend roadtrip to Cannon Beach with two of our neighbors who also have small kiddos. It was a great weekend. All of the kids got along amazingly. Like, never fought the whole time, amazingly (wrestling doesn't count). It was kind of unbelievable. I'm pretty sure this might need to be an annual tradition in our neighborhood.

As soon as we got there, we hit the beach. My girl loves the beach.

Like, really loves the beach.

Leeland also loves the beach...and throwing/eating sand.

The dads did a great job of guarding the water :)

And the miracle photo from the first day.

The second morning, Kyle took the helm at the camera. I need to let that happen more often if I'm going to exist in the history of our family.

Not sure what prompted the pout...but it's pretty funny. 

Then we went into town and got silly on a weird 6 person bike. Claire thought it was pretty awesome.

Icecream was equally awesome.

On the morning before we left, we were getting breakfast ready and all the kids were playing the next room. We caught them doing this. I honestly don't think I could've bribed them to be so sweet and perfect.

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