Monday, August 19, 2013

Last Friday, we met our son for the first time. Well, actually we met him once when he was 8 weeks in utero (but at that point he was more gummy bear than son) and he technically has been hanging out with me at all times for the past 21 weeks but on Friday, we got to see him via ultrasound and found out that he was a he.

Let me just say that I am not one of those mom's who "knew" what gender their baby was. I guessed boy for the Little Red and although I didn't have a strong feeling either way this time, if I had to put money on it, I would've predicted girl. Since I wasn't feeling super strongly in either direction, you'd think I would've been ready for either answer...but I wasn't.

The ultrasound tech, who was lovely, showed us all the bits and pieces, got the snapshots that she needed and at the end of the ultrasound she said "Okay, are you ready for the gender?". At that point, she had already moved her probe down to the area in question and there it was on the big screen in front of us. I've only done this one time before but let me tell you, it was no mystery at all. I said "Um...I think I know what I'm looking at. It's a boy, isn't it?" Yep. Like I said, no mystery. My jaw dropped. I looked at Kyle (who was grinning ear to ear) and laid there in total disbelief. A boy? It's not a boy. I'm a mother of girls! I think Kyle's mom shared in my disbelief since she asked "How sure are you?" which the ultrasound tech answered "99.9 to infinity percent sure".

So this girl-mom is soon to join the ranks of the boy-moms. I can't say that it has totally sunk in yet but we have a boy name, have started collecting boy hand-me-downs and I'm already imagining what my sweet little guy will look like (red-hair might be involved but we shall have to wait and see!). This morning I stopped by our neighbor's house and their 2 year old son, poked me in the belly and said "man-baby" with his signature cheesy grin. It official.

My sister-in-law, Lauren, was nice enough to take some pictures of us sporting blue for an announcement photo. I still look at these and think "Really, all blue? How is this us?". It will sink in eventually!

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