Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's time. It's time for The Little Red to turn two (or four, as she insists she's turning). I can barely wrap my mind around this. Two years. Two years ago, she was here.

Two years ago, after a marathon labor, she was handed to me. The most important moment of my life. I looked into her wide-open brown eyes and thought "This is my girl."  I recognized her immediately, I'd been waiting for her.

For years, I pictured what this life would look like, feel like. I pictured our child's face, imagined what it must feel like to be a mom. How life would change. It's funny how people say "being a parent is like nothing you can imagine". I rolled my eyes at this but I guess it's true. I imagined it being hard, yes. I imagined it being tiring, yes. I imagined it being fun and exciting, yes and yes. And I knew I would love my child but this is the part you can't imagine. It's like a flip is switched when you become a parent. You love in a way you didn't love before. I love my husband because of who he is, the things he does, the way he makes me feel (and because he's good looking of course). I love my child because it's primal. Every bit of me was designed to love my child. It's non-negotiable.

For two years, the switch has been flipped. Our lives illuminated.

Our light, our life, our love is two.

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