Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I received a gentle reminder over the weekend that I needed to get my "booty" (as Claire would say) in gear and catch up on my blog. Since The Little Red is almost 25 months, it's clear that her birthday party post is a little bit behind but here it is nonetheless. More time to reflect, right?

She had a fantastic time. She walked in the door and started jumping up and down (which honestly, isn't all that different than her normal entrance...to anywhere). It didn't take long for her to be drawn to the treat table. 

Baby Jack dressed up for the occasion...of course.

She enjoyed showing Grandma Pam all of the boundaries she likes to cross on the play equipment.

The sucked down an entire apple juice with her grandpa's.

Her sweet little cake, compliments of Aunt Lauren.

Intitally, she was really excited for the birthday song...

The she got stage fright...but Grandpa saved her.

A month later, and she still talks about her birthday....and presents. Grandma Pam brought a grocery sack out of her car a few days ago and Claire said "You have a surprise for me?". It's safe to say she likes birthdays. 

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