Saturday, April 6, 2013

A few weeks ago, our little town held it's annual "Fish 'n' Fun" event. Being that I'm from an even littler town that has such events as "Chicken Races", it seemed like something we had to go to. Papa Rick and Grandma Susie came along too, which made it even more fun for Claire and her cousin Vera.

Claire and Vera's Papa took his role as fishing instructor seriously. He brought gear for the girls and got their lines/tackle ready. Papa Rick has always been a really good grandpa but I love that as the girls have gotten older, they've really bonded with him and get so excited to see him (and hear his trademark whistle).

Did I mention she had a little pink fishing pole? 

Her first hot chocolate might have trumped first time fishing.

Vera was all about fishing...but that might be because her mom actually caught one!

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