Friday, January 25, 2013

Earlier this week, a little elf left an extremely exciting present on my doorstep...the new lens I had my eye on. I've been dying to give it a go outdoors but it had been so crazy cold that all baby model could muster was a few quick shots before I felt like someone might call CPS on me.
Today though, was a different story. It was a balmy 50 degrees. We were practically not cold.
We started by taking some pre-naptime shots outside with the dogs. Everything ends up being "with the dogs" when Claire has a snack in hand. Suddenly our pups become loyal and dedicated companions to their kid. I just had the realization that Scout is almost never in any of these shots. I bet he's afraid of the camera (along with flyswatters, balloons, the flag, clapping...the list goes on). Anyway, it was a lovely afternoon so we went on an adventure in the dead and weedy herb garden.

Oh wait, Scout's in this one (with a Valentines Day bandana of course). Maybe he just shies away from close ups.

Piper lives for a close up.

 Our neighbor got her these shoes for Christmas. Claire saw them and insisted that she wear them all day. She's girly.

Then we made a quick trip over to Aunt Lauren's house for a visit with Grandma Susie and a short walk.

Grandma Susie got a workout since both of the girls insisted that she jump with them the whole way.

Then Claire decided to test out this pocket thing that her cousin Vera was showing her.

Yep, pockets work for this kid. Mind you, they were full of rocks that the girls scavenged from someones landscaping (Grandma Susie gave them permission).

Lens success.

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