Thursday, January 31, 2013

Claire has no shortage of badass Aunts (is it inappropriate to swear in a blog about your toddler?). Our family on both sides are a huge part of her life and Claire is fortunate to have a bevy of wonderful aunties who love her to death. Lucky. Blessed.

In addition to her genetic/by marriage aunties, Claire has an equally amazing honorary auntie in my childhood bestie Jin. When I found out I was pregnant with my little red, I called Kyle, then I called Jin. I remember standing in my laundry room, heart racing, and hearing Jin answer the phone from Korea. It was late morning stateside but in the wee hours in Korea so I got a groggy, confused "hello" which was followed by a signature scream of delight once the news was delivered.
Since then, Jin's enthusiasm and excitement for the little red has only grown. Jin moved back home just weeks before Claire was born and she is a huge part of Claire's support system. Here is what I love about Jin being in the little red's life:

She doesn't have to endure toddler playtimes, stroller fitness class, and birthday parties...but she does it because she loves Claire. She doesn't have to dedicate her Tuesday and Thursday evenings to watching swimming lessons....but she does it because she loves Claire. She doesn't have to dowload toddler iphone apps or instagram dozens of pictures of Claire...but she does it because she loves Claire. She doesn't have to answer her phone every time we call to tell her that Claire "peed on the potty"...but she does it because she loves Claire.

This morning, we had to take Claire in for a blood test (everything is fine) but Kyle couldn't leave work and I was stressing out about tackling it solo. I mentioned it to Jin and without hesitation, she offered to help. Claire is easy to love and being a part of her life is a joy but nobody wants to see their sweet little toddler get blood drawn (plus Aunt Jin has a particularly strong fear of having her blood drawn). This kid isn't her responsibility (although Claire did call her mama today). She doesn't have to be there for the tough parts...but she does it because she loves Claire.

We love our Aunt Jin.

One from the archives. 

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