Wednesday, August 22, 2012

With summer quickly coming to a close, I realized that I had a few stragglers left on my summer to-do list. I decided to take on one of the activities that required the least amount of forethought and drive time and packed up the family for a picnic dinner at Chambers Bay. Chambers Bay is one of those little gems that no matter how often you visit it, you can never take it for granted (even when you're running up it's hills, pushing a stroller). We were after a view, nice grass, and room to run...check, check, and check.

You wouldn't believe it by looking at her, but Claire is one of the best eaters I know. She will sit and eat basically anything you put in front of her in mass quantities. So even though she was surrounded by distractions, we sat and had a relaxing picnic. The flip side (and the reason why you'd never guess that she's a big eater) is that as soon as dinner was over, she kicked in the after burners and sprinted around the park at her top speed. Fake falling and rolling down a hill might have made an appearance as well.

Checking out her wagon trail in the grass. Her wagon seriously might be the hit of the summer. She climbs into it and says "Daddy please, ride, car"....translation "Daddy pull me in the wagon so I can ride in it like I ride in the car". 

Munching in the sunshine. Claire got to use her Elmo shaped tupperware that her Auntie Jin got for her. She would look around and point things out that were going by "train, bird, doggy" then she would look down at her dinner and say "Elmo"...just in case we didn't notice.

 Then the post meal workout began. In the last week or so, Claire has started to ditch her baby run and adopt a toddler run. Knees bending, feet off the ground and an extra spring in her step. I haven't decided if it actually makes her faster but it looks pretty legit. Screaming while she runs also enhances her running performance.

 Then she decided to see how far away she could get from us before we reigned her in.

Then she tackled Daddy. He discovered that it's way easier to wrestle with a toddler than it is to run around with a toddler because basically all you have to do is lay there.

Then she saw a train and yelled "too choo".

Then she said hello to it. 

These curls are starting to take on a life of their own.

Then back to experimenting in how far mom and dad will let her wander. In case you were wondering, the distance is shorter when it's in the direction of a speeding train.

We squeezed in a quick game of "Pete a boo". I'm not entirely sure who Pete is.

We finished off with the Incredible Hulk Baby trying to push over a rock wall.

Officially checked off the list. 

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