Tuesday, August 21, 2012

After a whirlwind of a week that included a surprise early addition to our family, the three of us headed down to visit Grammy and Grandpa and let them get some good "Claire time". Which means we were both exhausted and wanted to sit back and watch them entertain our Tasmanian Devil of a child...that folks, is what you call a "win-win situation".

The original plan was that we would all head to the Southwest Washington Fair and pretend like we wanted to show Claire the farm animals, when in reality, we just wanted to eat an Elephant Ear. However, our fatigue set in and we decided we'd mosey over to the local blueberry farm and stock up on one of Claire's favorite foods for the Winter (we apparently have squirrel-like tendencies). 

Claire has been a big fan of sampling all that the summertime crops have to offer. At our house, as soon as her dad gets home from work, they check out "her" tomato ("numato") plant and pick and immediately eat any tomato that is remotely ripe and then they hit up our raised beds and strawberry barrel. She does the same thing at my parents' house but on a much larger scale since they basically have an orchard in their yard and my mom's raised beds were a little more...um...bountiful, than ours (don't tell Kyle I said that). Claire's favorite of these foods is hands-down blueberries. I'm pleased with this because not only are they super healthy but it's hilarious to hear a 16 month old say blueberries. The best way that I can describe her pronunciation is something like "balooburries" but somewhere in there she manages to roll the "L" sound. "Strawbabies" comes in a close second on the list of my favorite Claire words.

So we went to pick "balooburries". Claire donned her cowgirl hat since that is the proper choice for such an occasion. She made her Grammy hand it to her in the car and she put it on her head and said "yee haw". This girl takes country living seriously.

Apparently there was a "no eating" rule while you pick your berries. Apparently Claire doesn't know how to read or is genetically predisposed to rule breaking (that comes from my side) because I'm pretty sure she added about a half pound to our haul. Oops.


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