Sunday, August 26, 2012

In my continuing quest to pack in as much summer fun as possible into the last days of sunshine, we made an impromptu day trip to Ocean Shores over the weekend. Claire's previous experience with sandy beaches was almost a year ago and she really wasn't that big of a fan. She was a month or so shy of walking and I think that trudging along on all fours in the sticky sand wasn't her thing. Plus playtime during that period had a strong focus on putting things in her mouth and sand isn't exactly the most palatable substance.

Needless to say, we weren't entirely sure how our beach visit would go. Claire is generally up for a good time but once in a while, she decides to mix it up and observe instead of participate (i.e. our recent attempt at pony rides). Luckily, we brought along our secret weapon, Grammy and Grandpa. Side note, you know how you get to decide what your child will refer to people like their grandparents or aunts and uncles as? Well, it turns out that you only get to do that as long as you don't have a talking child. Grandpa, who was referred to as Grampy for a solid year plus, is officially Grandpa as per The Little Red's preference/insistence. Apparently, she has more sophisticated sensibilities.

So we hit the beach. Claire immediately was tickled with the sand in her toes. When I think about it from her perspective, the beach is basically an enormous park sandbox, just with less competition for the coveted toys (it's always the little plastic shovels that cause the stand off's).

Can we pause for a second and talk about this outfit? Is it just me or does she look like a little girl in her shorts/jacket combo? Her Grammy got her this jacket several months ago and I couldn't imagine her being big enough to wear it. Now it just needs one sleeve roll and she's good to go. It seriously flies by.

Claire likes to color coordinate with her Grammy.

To make a long story short, Claire is basically a beach super fan. She ran, jump, dug, threw sand (at Grampy mostly) and squealed with glee the whole time. Surprisingly, her favorite part was running and splashing in the  ice cold waves...didn't anticipate that one. Her Grammy would run her through them and each time they were done, Claire would say "More please" and hold her hand out for her Grammy to take her for another round.

More of her big girl run.

We brought Claire's cowgirl hat with us but cowgirls obviously don't go to the beach since it kept getting blown off her head by the wind. Luckily, my hat wasn't all that too big for her.

We went further down the beach to check out the kites. Claire was basically asleep in her car seat by the time we got there so I took a picture of the kitty (kikky) kite to show her when she woke up. Whenever she sees my camera she say "picture please" and we look at all the pictures on my card.

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