Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yesterday was a LONG day. Claire and I have both been battling a cold and since the battle included a 4 am bed time earlier in the week, I've been dragging a little bit lately. As far as colds go, this one wasn't so bad but Claire decided that her path to health was through being constantly held by yours truly, which get's tough. On the bright side, I've decided that if I ever were to lose an arm in some sort of tragic accident, I would do just fine performing almost any task with one arm. So when Kyle called at 5 to say that he would be "a while" (very cryptic), my eyes bugged out of my head. There are times when my wonderful life as a stay at home mom gets a little exhausting and I literally tell myself "this is when you need to try harder to be a good mom". It's kind of like the last mile of a marathon. It would be so much easier to stop and walk, but you know that last mile counts as much as the other 25.1. So instead of "walking" (aka letting Claire watch Caspar Babypants videos on Youtube), I sucked it up and whipped up a kick ass dinner for the baby (noodle pancakes anyone?) and then held a bath time photoshoot with my favorite model. It really was a good thing that I sucked it up since Kyle didn't get home until almost 9...way too long for Caspar Babypants videos :) Plus I got some pretty cute pictures.

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