Monday, June 4, 2012

Anyone who has a one year old knows that they are excellent supervisors. I spend the majority of my day with two over-sized, brown eyes watching my every move. Although Claire's vocabulary limits her in what I imagine would be a constructive critique of my vacuuming methods, running form, and photography technique, she makes it clear that if she were running the show (which she pretty much is, when you think about it), she would be doing things much differently. For example, the vacuum works much better if you shove a foam letter in it or the electrical sockets are more aesthetically pleasing without those ugly safety covers in them. Tips and tricks, courtesy of a 14 month old.
Claire visited Grammy at her office on Friday and she had several ideas on how things could be running a little more smoothly. Here are a few of words of wisdom:

A credit card machine really doesn't need a cord. Everything is wireless these days anyways.

                                         Eating your lunch at your desk increases productivity. 

You should always back up your files in more than one never know what might happen to your hard drive! 

                                                    Always shred important documents.
                                            Be sure to keep your supply closet organized! 

Here is one from the archives. Oh my, how quickly things change. 

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