Friday, June 8, 2012

I've always been a huge fan of quirkiness. Not, weirdness. Stay away adults who wear fox tails in every day situations (I'm not making this up unfortunately). No thank you man walking around with a bird on his shoulder. But things that are just a little bit odd, a click or two off from normal, are right up my alley. I think it's the secret (or not so secret) nerd in me.

That being said, I've always been a little hopeful that I would have one of those quirky kids that I've admired in the past. The little boy who insists on wearing a full on Spiderman outfit to the zoo or the girl (or boy for that matter) who wants to wear all of the tutus in her closet at once (that's a shout out to Claire's toddler friend Brooklyn).  Claire is still a little young to be a full on quirkster but I've seen flashes of what may prove to be a promising future in quirkiness. Plus, lets be honest, quirky is in her genes.

Yesterday was very quirky day. First, Claire fed her Tickle Me Elmo part of her sandwich while hanging out in her shopping cart. Aunt Jin was walking through the door as this was happening, which is what solicited the smiles (otherwise, feeding your toys is serious business). 

Then we went outside and she decided to drink rain water out of the seat of her Radio Flyer.

Then she hid in the mint plant.

Like I said, it was a quirky day.

Here is some mother-inflicted quirk from earlier in the week. Shorts and tights.

And while we're on the subject, one of Claire's earliest expressions of quirk, the Monster Face.


If, however, I am totally off base and Claire ends up being a normal kid (god forbid, right?), that's fine by me. I've come to the conclusion that whatever she does and whoever she ends up being, I'll be 100% smitten. Can you blame me?

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