Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Several years ago I ran the Sound to Narrows 12k for the first time. After dragging myself up the final stretch of hills and finishing the race, I plopped down to pretend like I was stretching (it's one of my signature rest-moves, it makes you look like a serious runner when in reality, you're being lazy). As I was "stretching" and enjoying my orange, I found myself in the middle of one of the single most amazing events I've ever seen...the Sound to Narrows Diaper Dash. It was one of those moments that my mom envy was put into overdrive and I had visions of my future child (sans red hair...wasn't planning for that) kicking some diaper butt some day in the future (okay, I'm not that competitive, but close!). Well over the weekend, my Diaper Dash dreams became a reality and Claire began her racing career in a memorable fashion. Here is the full race report.

Pre-race: Claire stretched out her hammies while Emmett worked the crowd. The race bibs cracked me up.

Lining up for the start. Claire had a pretty hard core game face. 

Claire took off right away. Clearly, her adrenaline was pumping. Then this happened....

The jury is still out on whether the baby tripped or if Claire pulled a Tonya Harding move on her.

 Apparently, she felt guilty...or is being a bully. Emmett seized the opportunity and took off.

Then the pit crew stepped in...I'm pretty sure this called for a disqualification. 

After her competitor stood back up, Claire kicked in the afterburners and finished strong.


Claire had to replenish her calories after the race so she hit the orange slices pretty hard.

Are you kidding me with the baby race shirts?

Emmett apparently got a runner's high. He went a little crazy after his race debut.

It was a hilarious thing to watch and both Claire and Emmett had tons of fun. I can't wait until they do it again next year.

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  1. Super cute and very fitting that you child be a runner!