Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Today, this happened. 

As the party responsible for clothing this child, I feel like I owe someone an explanation for what happened this afternoon. Or maybe a confession. It was post-naptime and we were looking for an adventure. So I proposed to the Little Red that we go play in the yard. It looked like it was going to rain and our sweet neighbor had recently given Claire this raincoat so I thought I'd see if it was at all close to fitting. Well, it's not close at all. Unfortunately, my sweet little girl insisted that she keep it on. Not a battle worth taking on. Trust me on this one. So enormous, knee-length, raincoat it was! Then, we went to grab something from the closet and Claire spied her sunglasses and again insisted she wear them. "It's too bright" was her explanation. Can't hurt I suppose. Then on her way out the door, she saw her new binoculars and had to bring them. And since a lady carries a purse when she's out on the town, and Claire is clearly a lady, she snagged her Minnie Mouse purse and we headed outside. 

I, of course, had my camera ready. I was ready once she kept the raincoat on...but it just kept getting better. 

After we got outside, Claire decided that her outfit had to be seen by the world and the backyard was just not going to meet that requirement. So, we went for a Claire-led walk around the neighborhood. 

She glanced into this window and someone was sitting at their desk and she ran back and stared in and said "oh look!".

I have no words to describe how hilarious this picture is to me. Sometimes she gets sick of my camera. Especially when she's on a mission. This is her fake mad face. It's epic.


We ended the walk with a school bus sighting. School buses are kind of a big deal these days. 

 I'm probably going to have to hid this raincoat until next year. 

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