Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm a firm believer in chronicling life with my kiddo. Obviously. Shocker. It's important to me to capture who my little peach is and what is going on in her life and this goes beyond images. Since my little gal is a chatterbox, I can already see that a big part of chronicling her life will be writing down the funny things she says. Since this is my second post dedicated to this exact topic and my kiddo is not yet two, I foresee a lot of time being spent writing about my child's quirky sense of humor. It's started.

So some of the noteworthy things that Claire's been saying these days are funny little interpretations of language. For instance, when she wants someone to turn the light on she says "turn the light open please". Another oft used quirky phrase she uses is when she drops something on the floor she says "I floored it". I'm not sure when this happened since she used to simply say that she dropped things but I guess she feels like she wants to be more specific. And my favorite, she had hiccups a few weeks ago and said "oh no, I have ketchups". 

The majority of the funny things she says stem from her desire to test out language or practice new words or phrases. Earlier this week, Claire was playing with a bin of toys and she fished out a little wooden doll that she hadn't really played with before. She held it up for Kyle and me and say "Look, I found it yesterday". She repeated herself at least 10 times and the next day I showed the same toy to her and she say "Oh look, I found it yesterday." I have no idea why "yesterday" but she held tight to her statement. On the day after she told us about it, Kyle tried to tell her that she found it "the day before yesterday"...but he  might be getting ahead of himself with that one.

Claire has always been big time into pretend play. This has morphed into her initiating pretend conversations. She randomly will be sitting next to me or someone else and she'll cock her head to the side and say "Do you like poker?" or "Do you like cocoa?". I really have no idea why these are her go-to icebreakers. Especially since she's never drank (or probably even seen) cocoa or played poker (unless sitting in her grandpa, papa, or daddy's laps during poker nights counts...well okay, she's played poker). Even so, totally random.

Also, in the vein of pretend play, Claire loves to scare people. For obvious reasons. Scaring people is funny. She bends her little knees and holds up her hands and does a funny little sneaky walk towards her intended victim and growls and says "I'm a scary (insert animal here)". She likes to mix it up when she chooses the kind of scary animal she's attacking with but she has no concept of what a scary animal would be versus a less than scary animal. So she'll make a whole production of scaring someone and then she'll yell "I'm a scary bunny!" or "I'm a scary mouse!".

She also likes to grab a purse or her backpack and go to the front door and say "Bye everyone, I'm going to take pictures!" (she makes proclamations to "everyone" or "everybody" constantly). The funniest part of this is that although I do occasionally leave to do just that, I make a point to not announce that I'm leaving and try to sneak out unnoticed. Nothing gets by her.

Two of the funniest new things that Claire's said happened over the weekend. We drove down to meet my mom for a Grandma date and one of our stops included the toy aisle at Marshalls. Claire was checking out a toy and held it up to my mom and said "It's a hundred dollars". I have no idea where she came up with it. I picked up another toy and asked her how much it cost and she said "a hundred dollars". So funny. And expensive!

Later, we were driving to lunch and Claire was in the back with her grandma sitting next to her and we were stopped at an intersection where there was a man dancing around with a sign for a store going out of business. Claire said "look, a stupid guy". My mom said "um...did she just call that man a stupid guy?". I was instantly in denial since I don't make it a habit to call random people on the street names and if I did, I wouldn't choose "stupid guy" as my insult (I have been a loggers daughter and a soldiers wife, I can do a lot better than that). But reality struck when she repeated herself at the next intersection with another "stupid guy" dancing around with a sign. When we got home, I wanted to see if it was random or not so I asked her "Claire, do you remember when we saw a man when we were in the car and he was dancing with a sign? What did you call him?". She answered sweetly, "I said, hi stupid guy". I'll have to think a little harder about this one but for now, it's kind of just funny. A nice little reminder that they are always watching and listening.

I'll conclude with some photographic evidence of my daughter's sponge like tendencies.

This is what she chooses to do during a playdate.

She literally chased her friends around, got a wide stance with her feet and pretending to take their pictures.

But then again, I guess that's exactly what I was doing too.
Sidenote. We have new neighbors. Yep, they're really this cute. This is going to be fun.

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