Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I have a group of exceptionally crafty friends (they basically sew their clothes, churn their own butter, and write musicals...only a semi-exaggeration). Although I consider myself a creative person, I wouldn't put myself in the category of crafty. However, these gals like to get together for craft night and since there is food and wine involved, I basically cannot decline the invitation to join them. Well, at the last party, they roped me into actually making something and viola...Claire now has a Halloween tutu. Since I cannot let an opportunity to take pictures of my little gem pass me by, I planned a mini tutu photoshoot at one of my favorite photography locales.

Since my sister-in-law, Lauren, loves Halloween (or and holiday really) almost as much as I do, I knew she would be game for some costume documentation with her two kiddos. The little guy, Jack, decided that he was camera shy and ended up snuggling his mama in the warm car so Auntie Jin helped me wrangle the two costumed gals while I snapped away.

The girls both had a blast but Vera was definitely the biggest fan. At one point, I plopped Claire down in a great lighting spot and said "smile!" and before I could get a shot, she ran away (as 1.5ers tend to do). Vera, who was standing behind us with Auntie Jin, ran to the exact spot where Claire was standing and looked at me and said "I smile!" and posed while I took her picture. Love her. Although Claire wasn't the most cooperative model, she did bust out some serious dance moves mid-shoot, which I appreciate.

I have to admit that these are some of my favorite pictures thus far. I love that Claire and Vera's costumes have nothing to do with each other at all and totally mismatch. I also love that they are running from Auntie Jin in a good portion of the pictures with the big smiles. I love capturing moments for other families but there is just something special having pictures that you love of the kiddos that are already so special to you. Inspires me to do shoots like this  more often with my little family and my extended family alike.

First there is my favorite little witch (who strangely enough, isn't going to be a witch for Halloween...this is just a pre-Halloweeen costume...of course).

Then there is Super Vera.

There was ALOT of running away from the camera (and Auntie Jin who was chasing them). Vera was grinning ear to ear the whole time and Claire was yelling her patented "I'm runnnnnnning", in case we weren't sure. 

My favorite of Vera.

Claire was being pretty stingy with her smiles for the camera. The one was directed towards Vera. These two seriously love each other. We're lucky.

Vera clearly took her role to heart.

One of the "keepers" of Claire's shots.

Oh yes. Then this happened. A photoshoot isn't complete without a dance break.

Did I mention that Claire has brown eyes. Like, really brown eyes. You're welcome mom.

This was our cue that it was time to wrap things up.

I've seriously looked at these pictures a dozen times. Halloween + two of my favorite girls, makes my heart happy.

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