Friday, October 19, 2012

Earlier this week Claire asked her Daddy to paint her toenails. I have been in toenail painting denial for a month or's not the same thing if it's just one or it doesn't count if it's organic/all natural kid nailpolish for kids. I was editing pictures in my office (which 98% playroom and 2% office) when Claire ran in to show me her pretty's (aka painted toes). Her daddy apparently hasn't been in nailpolish denial and went full boar with a nice shade of violet on all ten piggies. It's cute. I must admit.
So this morning was the first time since last Spring that Claire wore tights with feet on them. At first she didn't seem to notice the potential problem with them but after we got home from our morning activity I heard a frustrated scream from her playroom. I ran in expecting to see her scaling a bookshelf or cutting the dog's hair but found her pulling at the foot of her tights with all of her strength saying "prettys mom, please, Daddy prettys". Not being able to access her "prettys" on demand was not an option. She ended up being bare legged for the rest of the afternoon so she could admire her Dad's handiwork at will. Might have to switch to leggings for a while.

So this little hat was attached to a sweater that I recently bought for Claire. Sweaters come with hats? A kids clothes thing I suppose. Anyway, Claire spotted it during laundry day today and wanted to put it on. Although it's already a tad on the small side (even though the sweater it came with is still way too big) her little curls sticking out of the sides made me smile. This was her "smile for the camera" face. It was bound to happen.

But seriously. How did I ever get so lucky? It almost seems unfair.

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