Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grammy's Girl

Claire has always been a bit of a Grammy's girl. Truth be told, she is a lot of different people's "girl" at any given time. The kid has a knack letting people know they're special (extra tight hugs are usually involved). But Grammy is more than just special to Claire and this weekend was proof of this. We ended up spending three nights at my parent's house (two planned, one strategic) and Grammy's arms were little sore by the end of the weekend. Claire decided that happiness could only be found in Grammy's arms and since she recently learned the power of the word please (pees), she followed her around with her arms held up saying "pees, pees, pees". They usually come in threes. Grammy had no choice.

I was reading an article about backlit photos and low and behold, I looked up and saw these two reading books in the window. Grammy isn't a huge fan of having her picture taken so I assured her she wasn't in the shot. I might have to try this again.

Then things got much sillier. This might play a role in why Grammy is extra special.

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