Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Babies have the uncanny ability to turn the simplest events into a memory. Kyle and I have a terrible, yet glorious, habit of getting ice cream at least three nights a week. Last night, we decided to check out a new frozen yogurt shop that opened up near our house. Claire had gotten extra dirty, compliments of the sandbox at the Tot Lot, so it was one of the rare occasions in which she got to wear her footie pajamas in public and looking back, the kid knew she looked cute.
Since Claire isn't "on sugar" yet, we grabbed an extra dish for her and filled it with fruit pieces from the topping bar. Something about having her own dish that looked like ours, and getting to work on her spoon skills with the yogurt shop's special orange spoons, made her very excited, not to mention, ridiculously proud. She ended up sitting in her little high chair, holding her dish against her with one arm and spooning out fruit pieces with the other. Kyle tried to get her to put her beloved dish on the table "like daddy" but she held it against her little bejammied (a la bespectacled, bedazzled) body and twisted around to serve him a block that would make any linebacker proud (I'm 80% sure the linebackers block). Then, deciding that mere cuteness was not enough, she upped the ante and further proved Kyle's paternity (because the red hair and quizzical brow aren't proof enough) by using her gift of extreme friendliness on the other patrons. "Hi" to the little girl across the room, "hi" to the awkward teenage boy in line, "hi" to the woman standing by the door, "hi" to her I said, it was a special spoon. The poor deprived girl didn't even get any frozen yogurt but she ended up having more fun than anyone else there (including the woman who poured half of the bottle of caramel sauce on her yogurt, and that says a lot). Claire decided to bring her dish home with her and squeezed it tight as she drifted off to sleep in her car seat (which ended up being a total fake out). We got home and Kyle, who is known for being both sensitive and sentimental (not!) said, and I'm paraphrasing, "That was really fun. Isn't it funny how we end up just watching Claire no matter what we're doing? By the way, the dinner you cooked was both delicious and sophisticated and your new haircut really accentuates your high cheek bones." Like I said, it was a paraphrase.
Regular Tuesday night, etched into my brain.

I wish that I would've brought my camera but believe it or not, I draw the line somewhere. Since a post isn't a post without a picture, here are a few of Claire taking a canoe ride with Kyle and Grampy. 

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