Sunday, December 27, 2015

Today he is two. As is, not all. Not even a little bit.

Two years ago, I woke up from the fog of anesthesia and was handed a tiny, cherub faced baby boy. His birth was scary and sad. I was left feeling broken and confused. But then I was holding this boy. My boy. I took a deep breath, looked into his eyes, and the pain and fear of the day washed away. I was a mother of two. First a daughter, and now a son.

From that day forward, this boy with his sparkly eyes has brought joy, laughter and a deep love into our lives. He is confident and independent but still manages to spend a good chunk of his day snuggling up to one of his people. He makes his Hawes/Laymon genes known with a stubborn streak that I am still navigating and a hot little temper that I can't help but think is funny. There is no talking him into anything. Ever. Don't even bother. He continues to be completely obsessed with me and I'm secretly hoping that he never stops. In some ways, he is a total baby still but in other ways he completely throws us for a curve by potty training himself before two or suddenly counting to 7 out of nowhere. He melts everyone he meets with his giant eyes and ridiculous dimples. Oh and did I mention he's crazy handsome? Because, he is.

I love him fiercely and deeply and couldn't imagine our lives without him.

A two year shoot is in the works, so for now, I'm sharing my favorites from the last year.

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