Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm dying to do a Halloween post. It's one of my favorite days of the year and this year did not disappoint. But, since I've yet to document our trip to the pumpkin patch, I decided I need to knock that one out before I tackle the big day. Otherwise it would totally be out of chronological order. I imagine people reading my blog and think "it's really strange that they went to the pumpkin patch after Halloween." So here we go.

My little pumpkin has been battling with her last set of molars lately and therefore spent the majority our visit to the pumpkin patch either chewing on her fingers or on her vest. Made for awesome pictures...not. On the plus side, since every moment wasn't a crazy picture perfect photo op, I actually took less pictures than normal (but still more than most people take in a month), and got to enjoy the festivities without looking through a viewfinder the whole time. It's the burden of having a ridiculously cute kid with an infectious zest for life...I feel compelled to constantly capture her every move. Total burden. Poor me.

We started out our excursion in this insanely pretty barn. Seriously, why so fancy pumpkin patch? I struggled photographing my squirrely subjects in low light but managed to get some good ones still. I'm going to start practicing for next years pictures ASAP.

Not only was the barn beautiful, it was also chalk full of fun. There was a mini hay bail maze and a "pool" of hay for the kids to play in.

Since Claire is known for being a great judge of her physical capabilities, it shouldn't come as a surprise that she felt that she was ready to dive off the edge into the hay...both assisted and unassisted. She literally bent her knees and counted to three and jumped. This activity has made it's way to our living room and has resulted in a nice little rug burn on her nose. Her Uncle Kevin has it right when he lovingly calls her the "Little Savage".

 The next portion of our trip included a lot of running, tripping, pumpkin sitting and wheelbarrow riding...

Oh yes, and we can't forget this little man...

Lastly, evidence that I do feed my child.

After we gathered our pumpkins, we went out for dinner. Claire immediately told the waitress "I hungry" which simultaneously cracked me up and guilt tripped me for only feeding her every hour instead of every five minutes, which is clearly what she requires. Then she proceeded to eat an enormous baked potato. That's my girl. We come from potato lovers...and she's a red-head...enough said. 

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