Thursday, July 19, 2012

Claire loves her some Elmo. While she is still too young to actually watch Sesame Street, she got her first glimpse of her fuzzy friend in the LMFAO parody video, "Elmo and I Know It". Her love of all things red and her passion for dance music made it an irresistible combination for her. While I'm not exactly proud that my baby dances to the reworked lyrics of "Sexy and I Know It", it's one of those mom moments where you have to step back and admit to yourself that something outside of your parenting ideal, really is harmless. In an attempt to make peace with it, I've strategically bought her several Elmo books. If I'm opening the commercial floodgates, I might as well get some reading mileage out of it, right?
So Elmo it is. We have the Elmo toys, the Elmo books, and even a legit "Tickle Me Elmo" doll. Claire has gotten quite skilled at spotting Elmo in random places. How did it not register for me that the diapers that I've been putting on her since she was born have a mini-Elmo on them? I was stumped for a while when Claire started calling diapers "Elmo"., this is a diaper Claire. Diaper. Luckily, she's sharper than I am and took the initiative to point it out to me.
I forgive Elmo for speaking in the first person. Only because something about the little red monster (he's a monster right?) brings out the imagination of my little red monster (she is a monster!). Claire is fairly new to imaginative play. She likes to hug the baby doll that the neighbor boy gave her and sometimes tries too stick her bottle in its mouth ("bobble baby!"...she gets a little impatient when the baby doesn't actually go along with it). But recently Elmo seems to be the focus of this form of play.

Yesterday morning, she decided to read him a story.

Then they made matching expressions.

Then Claire perfected a few of her wrestling holds.

I'm not exactly sure what prompted this but later in the afternoon, Claire decided that Elmo needed to snack on some dog food. Maybe she thinks he's one of her pets. Although, if she tried to feed her actual pets like this, I think we'd have a problem.

I'm really not sure what he did wrong...but Elmo got the wooden spoon after lunch.

Maybe she's not that big of a fan after all.

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  1. LOve it! The picture of "reading to Elmo" is priceless. --Cathy